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e monks to prison,● 'to the terrible example of their● adherents.'[84] The priests, fi●nding that they must act with prudence●, avoided a repetition of suc■h outbreaks and began secretly to s■chool their penitents in the confessional,● bidding them employ mental reservations,

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in ord■er to conciliate everything. They set th■e example themselves: 'I have abjured the ■pope in the outward man, but not in the i■nward man,' said one of them to s■ome of his parishioners.[85] T■he confessor at Sion Monaster■y had {44} proclaimed the king's ne■w title

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and even preached upon● it; yet when one of his peni■tents showed much uneasiness because he had hea■rd Latimer say that the pope hi■mself could not pardon sin: 'Do not be afraid●,' said the confessor; 'the pope is ass●uredly the head of the Church.● True, king and parliament



  • On the 24th of Aug■
  • ust Father Ricot, wh
  • en preachi●ng at
  • Sion Monastery, call
  • ed the king, accord●ing t


Start and Beauty

have turned him out ●of office here in England; but t●hat will not last long. The world will chang■e again, you will see, and that too before l■ong.'—'But we have made oath to the king as ●head of the Church,' said some person■s to a priest. 'What matters!' replied● he. 'An oath that is not very st●rictly made may be broken the same way.' Th●ese mental reservations, however, made● many ecclesiastics and laymen● too feel uneasy. They longed■ for deliverance: they were on th●e look out; they turned their eyes successivel■y towards Ireland which had risen for ●the pope, and towards the Low Countries, whence ●an imperial fleet was to sail for the● s

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ubjugation of England. Men grew excited.● In the convents there were fanati●cal and visionary monks who, maddened by the abu●ses of power under which the■y suffered, and fired by perse■cution, dreamt of nothing but rea■ction and vengeance, and expressed their● cruel wishes in daring language. One of them n■amed Maitland, belonging to the Dominica■n convent in London, exclaimed pre●sumptuously, as if he were a p●rophet: 'Soon I shall behold a sca■ffold erected.... On that scaffold will pass i●n turn the heads of all thos●e who profess the new doctrine, and Cranmer will■ be one of them.... The king● will die a violent and shameful death, ■and the qu

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Sleep and Fly

een will be burnt.' Being addicted● to the black art, Maitland pretended to read th●e future by the help of Sata●nic beings. All were not so bo■ld: there were the timid and fearf●ul. Several monks of Sion House, despairin■g of the papacy, were making preparations to es■cape and hide themselves in some wilderness or ■foreign cloister. 'If we succeed,' the■y said, 'we shall be heard of ■no {45} more, and nobody wi●ll know where we are.' This being told ●to Bedell, Cromwell's agent, he was c●ontent to say: 'Let them go; the loss will n●ot be great.' Roman-catholicis■m was, however, to find more honorable champ■ions. =MORE REFUSES TO TAKE THE OATH.

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